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  • This adaptor will NOT power any standard 2 pin devices, such as computers or kettles as it only has 1 amp fuse, so only suitable for small electrical devices such as shavers and tooth brushes.

  • The adaptor plug can also be used to charge an electric toothbrush (only "razor") to stop the insertion of a standard 2 pin insert, which requires a higher amplifier fuse. The electric toothbrush only requires a 1A fuse, so this adapter is perfect.

  • The jack of the converter is equipped with a protective door to prevent electric shock to children, British standard plug, European-style American-style universal jack.Allows you to charge an electric shaver or toothbrush from a normal 3 pin UK socket.

  • The adapter is CE marked and comes with a 1A fuse.

  • US Shaver / Toothbrush adaptor, allows you to charge a 2 pin shaver or toothbrush from a 3 pin US socket.

  • Specifications:

    Product parameters: 1A 250V
    Fuse : 1A
    Rated power : 250w

    Package include:

    British to European converter *5

    KOBWA Fuse Adaptor Plug Plug converter 2 to 3 Pin Fuse Adaptor Plug for Shaver/Toothbrush(5Pack) - B07GZG4KJR

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