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  • Compact and easy to carry.

  • Rotate to adjust the sharpness directly, then slowly rotate after aiming at the subject to find the proper sharpness.

  • High-definition coated lenses increase transmission and provide a clear image of hidden corners.

  • 18 times the distance, overcoming the shortcomings of the camera phone, can only shoot close-range lens, as clear as the field of view.

  • The novel optical path design, ultra-long viewing angle, large light transmission, high resolution and good color reproduction make the image quality of the mobile phone significantly improved.

  • Product Details:
    Recent focusing distance: 3 meters
    Magnification: 18 times
    Angle of view: 18°
    Caliber: 32 mm
    Size: 35mm X 140 mm
    Material: high quality aluminum alloy + super optical lens
    Parts List:
    1. 18 times metal telescope tube
    2. Aluminum triangle bracket
    3. Description
    a small bag
    5. Two lens caps
    6. A piece of cloth
    7. Metal universal clip one

    1. Clean the lens before using it, place the cap after taking it to protect the lens.
    2. The macro lens works by emphasizing the center of the object that is photographing and erasing the background.
    3. The lens is suitable for all popular brands and models of smartphones / tablets.

    HMJZ 18X Telephoto Universal Mobile Phone External Lens - B07JHLYJ9R

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