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  • Dunu DN-Titan 5 Hi-Res Audio Titanium Diaphragm Driver In-Ear Earphones with Full Defined Vocal and Clear Imaging Sound The 'Hi-Res Audio' certified Titan 5 earphone utilizes a wide 13mm titanium diaphragm high power handling dynamic driver to provide exceptional clarity fully defined vocals and accurate imaging. With its detailed and precise sound reproduction wide and natural soundstage and life-like imaging the Titan 5 earphones are sure to impress audiophiles and general music lovers alike. Sound Signature With the Titan 3 & 5 Dunu have created identical earphones on the outside their sound signatures are actually rather different allowing the individual to choose the perfect earphone to suit their tastes. The Titan 3 earphones have a slightly mid-forward signature and a more modest bass end. There is plenty of detail and clarity and the trebles is crisp airy and devoid of harsh peaks. The Titan 5 on the other hand offers a deeper bass and warmth towards the midrange. Treble is again crisp but with less airiness than the Titan 3's. The Nano class T-diaphragm driver produces a perfect transient response while retaining a natural yet energetic sound recreating an impressive 'live' music experience and the in-ear design of the Dunu Titan 5 earphones ensures maximum noise isolation and comfort for music enjoyment at home or on the go. A variety of high quality accessories are also included with 6 pairs of ear-tips that will meet every music lover individual's need. Replaceable Cabling The ear piece house is made of stainless steel triple polished to an elegant and durable finish. The standard detachable plug and socket design on the cable offers the user choice of replacement and upgrade allowing each individual to customise and fine tune is or her Titan 5 IEM's for the ultimate expression of personal preference. Features In-ear design for maximum isolation and comfort Wide frequency response of 10Hz - 40kHz Detachable cable to allow for replacement and upgrade

    Dunu DN-Titan5 Hi-Res Audio Titanium Diaphragm Driver In-Ear Earphones with Full Defined Vocal and Clear Imaging Sound - B0186UZR76

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